Thursday, January 20, 2011


family/states/countries/cliques/continents/blah blah blah
imagined communities have become more important to most-through technology. the value in actual community has been lost. technology has created a paradox. not only has it created a way to communicate easier, but it has also taken the social & communal factor out of the equation. it is now a numbers game. apathy is the new kid on the block.
knowledge is based upon PERCIEVED truth. (it requires faith in a belief system, which is relient of your environment). every action is motivated by an individual's PERCIEVED "truth" of their environment. you can never KNOW another person because human beings can only see know their truth; their "point-of-view". it is not necessarily inpossible to see other answers to the question of an individual's motives(for an action), BUT it is impossible to truely believe that the ANSWER could be something you-yourself-have never experienced.
I am not saying that because all individual's "truth" is percieved differently that their can be no absolute truth (only semantically), but that we cannot KNOW it. we can only describe things that we percieve as happening. Ideas constantly change. semantically, the definition of truth is something you know is right. its a rule. so if we cannot know what is the absolute truth about ANYTHING, then event that cannot be known. the matter of truth is irrelevant. it is a paradoxical IDEA. A flawed invention of the collective man. their there is only perceptions & how you percieve them. are they all truth? some truth? or are they all delusions inaccurate?
something that just popped in my head as I copied the bolded part down...
truth is seperate from the action percieved and only relevent to the PERCEPTION of the act.
a definition is the perfect example. a definition describes an idea. the IDEA, on the other hand, describes an action. regardless of whether something is, a definition exists. making it a truth. those truths can be overrided after time. although the perception of the act may change, the act does not. the only thing we can say for certain, the only truth, is that we DO percieve said action in said way. THAT is the truth.

a definition describes an idea, not an action. this is why it can change. acts can be percieved differently, therefore different ideas can be conceptualized, leading to debate on which idea is better. the idea that is better is then defined and replaces the old definition that described the old idea. real does not exist. only not real. and that is where truth is found. what is "real" can never be percieved, so cannot be truth.
I'm an idiot.

Monday, January 17, 2011

4th dimension

air dry and the sun ever curious of my wandering. its time to finally go through with a promise made to you.
roots twisted and arched, pointlessly trying to make my journey more annoying than it already seemed.
the fork in the trail presented itself and I wandered out into the open path. brush was thick and high. the animal trails presented themselves.
"how do you do?", I asked the ghosts greeting.
with a wave of hands, I bowed to follow faithfully.
I stood at the end of a cavern, made from twigs and dead leaves, to a part in a play.
the crowd was quiet and expectant as I performed faithfully.
the beauty of my memories was not present. only a moment injected into time. my motive was all that I percieved-all that existed.
I carve.
one blade dulls to the sound of my framework chipping and chipping and chipping as I sit studying my wounds these wounds that I'm carving out and in-
front of me. here we are.
arms grow heavy and I rest next to my bike. our environment becomes very real.
its a boar with its offspring. I stand for some odd reason and stare. the young scurry and their mother, startled, jumps to face me. I glare into its eyes with a pestering curiousity. it sees nothing. how could it? I left months ago.

only the title of this production lay here, plastered now. a faithful resting place.