Friday, November 29, 2013

so it goes.

I've lost interest in everything I've ever loved. except pussy. I now know I am an animal.

Monday, March 25, 2013

for we are the champions of the sun.

the tears from your eyes are like the sweet waters of christ
they smear on my shoulder and baptize my soul.
and when I look into those shimmering jewels-
when I leap into those pools-I hold my breath
and hope to god I'll come back up ontop.

so let me stop.
"and who are you?"
"you know who I am."
but I never have. I'd like to think that has changed
for a battle of kisses and cute talks has been waged
from pudding cups and whipping butts,
 to singing songs while selena sees my nuts
I must say, you've caught me with my pants down and ass out
but I'll kiss your bald spot til your hairs sprout about
and rape whistles stop dangling from your pierced snout
until the mole near your butthole shouts out
"you want me meow?"
and to that I'll always say,
frack yes.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

death rhyme

all my dreams and future reveries have all been ruined by past miseries-
not distinctly my own, but of association with a polluted ocean.
her surfaces covered with spit, blood, and semen-
the reason? its the oil to their fire; the gold of the liar.

to the waters once for hire, I love you.
to the beasts who littered and admired? you've been retired.
her liveries have washed ashore or in the currents, carried away.
your decay will erode-to oblivion, like obsidian, a flame dying in this ode
a song, a poem, of waves crashing on every note.

I want the morning air
to fill with the sound of your skin
and the swaying of your hair-
with the aroma of a woman I don't care to share.

Monday, March 4, 2013

things I hate about sex

I actually found it kind of surprising when this came to my attention.

1. never knowing how much of the collective sweat pooling everywhere is actually mine. I'd really like to know whether or not I'm getting a good work out...

2. how dehydrated I get and how I seemingly have to all of sudden pee every 30 minutes and put clothes on to make myself even more dehydrated. I need to start stocking my bed with water bottles and bananas.

3. not being able to cum because I watch way too much porn and are too busy trying to follow commands of screaming psycho nymphs.

4. my books and letters fall off the shelves infront of my bed and I have to organize them all over again 
 -_____- I think maybe I'm turning into the male-equivalent of a cat lady.

5. not being able to make porn.

6. not really having a chance to make witty comments since the only comments involve the words jesus, fuck, pussy, god, and dick. not really much to go off of there...

7. it is not acceptable to watch it's always sunny in philadelphia while recieving oral sex or hitting dat shit from da back.

8. I don't have a full body mirror to watch myself pose-balls deep-or admire how awesome I am. I think this one will soon be corrected, though.


Thursday, February 28, 2013

Monday, February 25, 2013


moonlit markers left by the parting of lips and a pair of exposed hips
started a spark with a few twisted quips and hypnotiq fumes on caribbean blue.

a fire that fans in midnight air among the dew laced grasses of dubsdread's ashes
they flare 'round mental images of immoral visages, a show of elaborate kisses below.

and with a prayer and a swallow of the fuel for this flame,
I'll greet you distastefully, though wholeheartedly, halfway.

but please, just one last cigarette before I burn this claim?

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Purrrretty amuuuusinggg.

A modest proposal

Editor, The Beacon:

I've got it. I think I have it: "Seven Steps for the USA." After reading the bad-news happenings, I put on the thinking cap.

So, here goes:

1. Guns. In the old West, an honor system implied that you don't shoot a unarmed person. We need to get rid of all weapons, including those used by the military, police, security officers, and, of course, cap guns.

This will allow our foes to see that the people are caring, lovable and harmless. In the military, we could send females to the front lines, after retraining them to be caring in a "village" sort of way.

Law enforcement, like the bobbies of England, get whistles.

How, you ask, would we control the nonconformist? Easy! Have a MD or psychologist ride along and dispense the pills or drugs the bad guy wants. If it's money, then use a reserve stockbroker to give out chits to help the lost soul.

2. Traffic citations. Use drones to follow cars and send out citations by mail. We could put chips in vehicles and call them "smart cars."

3. Immigration and obesity. Use code enforcement and checkpoints on the streets. Scales and micrometers with DNA testers should cover it. Revenue from the citations would be tenfold.

4. Work. Have CEOs change their title to "citizen" or "company" enforcement officers with the purpose of taking away employees' individuality or choices.

5. Media. Put it all under one umbrella to offer hours of reality-show coverage, similar to today's programing with no substance, all fluff.

6. Tweak the Constitution to eliminate pursuit of happiness, freedoms of choice. etc.

7. Voting. For our next generation, which I call "niners" (generation 999), mandatory liberal thinking using genetic DNA modification, like Monsanto uses.

In conclusion, these are the suggestions I've come up with. I hope you can expand or eliminate any wrong suggestions, because I only had four hours sleep and multitasking from my employer.

Ray Camper

morons discuss blahblahblah.

And the elitest ass that made this
didn't take into effect that they forfeited
themselves into the last category.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

no monkey wrenches.

I miss the mountains and the cool clear creeks
I miss the roaming rio grande and its granduer
those cold nights among a silent sky and starry minds
happiness doesn't only dwell in a home, but also the spirit
the spirit of our nature, the instincts that crawl out once the frightening sounds of traffic and voiceless voices numbing neurons go zap and all that's left is us and our brotherhood.
so here's an ode to friends. to roaming travelers, adventurers, and conquerers of written paths, not of nations or ideological bullshit.

may We all find happiness somewhere. sometime.


"Come flow with me, Doctor, through the deserts of New Mexico, down through the canyons of Big Bend and on to the sea the Gulf the Caribbean, down where those young sireens weave their seaweed garlands for your hairless head, O Doc. Are you there? Doc?"

Sunday, January 27, 2013

So apparently I'm going to this.

with modest mouse, of monsters and men, the postal service, and WU TANG?
how could I not?

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Teddy Bear

racism, sexism, homophobia, environmentalism.
its like ingrained in some, this prophetic vision of a future planet/society overpopulated and stagnant. and an overwhelming fear that their "kind" will be replaced.

no more _____, _______-fearing, _______-centered culture, etc. (the blanks are there for any person to fill in. these things are not limited to western civilizations. no need for eurocentrism)
and it might seem silly to put environmentalists in with the hate-mongers, but... they fight for a cause for the fear that something they love and hold dear will disappear.

whether it be their culture, "genetic legacy", social class, religion, physical environment, or an amalgous mess of the group, these individuals-or groups-have a basic drive in common: sustainment/preservation.

only thing that seems left in the U.S. seems to be:
"political correctness", absence of culture and morality,
apathy, hopelessness, poverty, urban sprawl, bums,
pesticides, ADD, cancer, wasteful food crops, cattle, water shortages,
mass murders and suicides,
not one place left to hide.

you all have created a perfect society. congratulations.

I gotta say though, I do believe that the homosexuals are our one true hope. maybe they can stop babies from being born...forever. probably only if theres a war between gay men and gay women in the future.
the men won't give lil spermies to the imperialist lesbians and as the marginalized gay men go on screwing everyone in the ass, literally and figuratively, the lesbians will bomb the shit out of em.
there ends all human life as we know it.

hopefully, the lesbians will be against cloning-or too stupid to figure it out.