Tuesday, July 31, 2012

text message memories

Its been two years and I still remember. your voice, your kisses, the perfume on your skin and hair, the way your eyes would lock on mine, our hands conjoined with thumbs locked in, the feel and taste of your soul inside. the long awaited hugs and letters so long. it was great. it really was. I haven't talked to you, but its probably best that way. we're completely different people with conflicting desires and goals. but it still doesn't stop me from fucking missing you when times are hard. oh well, such is life and life knows best. keep floating, world!

doo la da dee dee, dee dee do!

fingers poking porcupines
piney forests on a corn cob
rain and thunder freighten them
rain and thunder enlighten him
beez in the church all on our tongues
even though half of'em dont believe in what's sung
indiana hiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh
indiana lowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
indiana high dont tell me noooo
like a dog with a window to see his bone
but no way to take it back to his throne
rain or shine they'll dine on what's thrown
but they're strangled and starved of the green and gold
brown chicken brown cowww
come take them home!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

old songs, old finds

tattoo scabs all dressed in drab an exercise in elitest crimes don't test these times of prevention and lies dont climb over walls and shout for your wine we wont help you now but before we could have tried your on your own friend to cloud minds and old rhymes

most people annoy the fuck out of me. and the one's that don't? well. I'm adapting to keep it that way. future holds so little in so much and the only thing I feel thats certain is the unique-ness found in my recent ventures. I'll never let myself become jaded and feed the frenzy of normalcy that beckons from my feet.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

untitled, untold

Vodka thins blood, thins lips---hot tongues and wishes from lungs invade my storm as guiding arms force virgin hands to till and plant on soft fertile lands--a temple worshipped with praying fingers, who wander for fear her taste won’t linger

But her name still sings here.

Running skin through soul, skull cuffed for pull, parted lips for apologies---our scent spreading love like some sort of disease, but please don’t see impermanency;
My words carry meaning that outlives my seed

So I read the lines and letters inscribed and mapped all the stars to heartbeats on breasts--a Corona Borealis from Ptolomy's chest---her pulse flies high like the skies seen within each dimension of vibration and sound---around and round kisses navigate aloud, leading their vessel 'cross printed silk oceans with waves swelling 'round areolas of bronze and nipples reaching out for an embrace so strong

So long.

So long; during and after we crashed in the natural disaster of blankets, sheets, thrown clothes, and heat--held thighs did meet slick hips in glee---blackened eyes greeted times of penetration with deep thrusts from times of telepathically told lust; just trust I won't ask questions concerning memories in dust