Sunday, March 20, 2011

a day's end.

soft blood sheets stain my eyes as the lead soaks through my mind.
black pools of an unknown substance stare back at cheap paintings in 
the dim light. here is a prison paid for. here is a one window cell division of proper things and suicidal kings.
a distant memory of state lines and loneliness. through the
plastic sound of a cold winter breeze.
the birds sing a song of holly trees and cigarettes.
their cages blend by along roads entwined. I cannot cross their
path. manufactured happiness from slaves with varying names.
the clouds frown upon the specks that dwindle by.

Monday, March 7, 2011

super scuba mom

the ocean is finally calm. Its been nine hours, twenty three minutes, and seventeen seconds...
I've been documenting the earth's access, you see.
I made much ground, I think you'd be proud.
hmm...all this sand that I surround should be put to use. it could fill me up so I wouldnt always float to the top.
I'd much rather sway along with the crustaceans' skeletons, and angry kelp.
sink, sink, sink.
bloop, bloop, bloop.
the stars aren't bright enough to shine down here. their distance is dwarfed by atoms at war.
I swallow up the earth with every sideways step. I'm just tooo big...
too big, too big, too big....tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk.
maybe I should try to be more sandy...
theres a fish that says he's neither here, nor dead. by what he means by that is lost with me.
I'm nowhere now, as we speak of fish. all this sidestepping sideways swirling about has gotten me to feel a little for the ill-tempered tapestry....