Sunday, July 20, 2014

a ditch digger for half a day

swampy lips, murky minds;
twisted bits
livin off the land
diggin nails in the sand
just diggin a grave for time to pass by
'just say hi and goodbye!'
nothing to see here, folks
just hi and bye will do just fine
you see, its just the same damn line over and over again-
what are you lookin at? HIGH and fucking GOODBYE, FAGGOT!
its just that, you know, they say they understand, they say they listen, they say they're sorry
but does it-does any of it really matter?
does it?

doubt it.

only thing that matters is this, this damn shovel in my hand
and this permit of official fucking business that says I can go dig in this here spot
whenever and how ever long I damn well please
gonna dig to china
buy me some chickens
and cats
gonna start a restaurant called squawking breasts, hidden pussy
and no one will ever say sorry
cause, well, they'll all be speakin fuckin Chinese of course
and the Chinese'll love me, ya see
like the poor dog they kick in the alley
but throw rice balls and hot grease at occasionally
its cool. its alright, I guess.
atleast it's honest, ya know?

I'll be cacklin,
hackin and a'howlin,
scampering about diseased and confused,
drunk on the filth and noise of my Chinese finger trap
no one'll give me dirty looks for being dirty either
its what's expected
instead they'll feel pity
they'll say things like, '有人要付諸表決,窮人狗,他的痛苦,'
or, '讓她走了! 讓她走了!'

our nature just cant be helped, I guess.
I guess, guess, guess.


Friday, July 18, 2014

precious memories, how they linger,
how they ever flood my soul. 

in the stillness of the midnight,
precious, sacred scenes unfold.