Monday, July 25, 2011


1. I'm married now. yay! omgzzz :D
2. finally broke a bone...

stupid toro.


3. GOING TO NTC AGAIN, WOOOOO! YEAH! fuck my life.
4. also going to the field for a month. WOOO! YEAHHHH. no.
5. my turtle got away :c
6. I'm not really married. that was me being stupid.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

pariah's pulpit

licorice twists numbing tongues and hired thighs
welcome the flesh we hide behind a veil of fireflies
"sand dollar streets stare down the time", the signs will faithfully say
eggshells underneath a line for preachers who'll pray,
"mother forgive me, god forgive me. my soul you shall forsake!"

and destined are souls to greet thin ice, high and with a smile
just spin the dials, touch the child-for christ, we're here to save!
authority storms from east to west, "come judge a fearless knave!"
"for my whole life I've loved a land, and a savior that I have claimed,"
"but hypocrites, whores, liars, and thieves have robbed me of my name."
"so now I take a new one; now I start anew. "
"an angel of bread beneath my breast and god beneath my shoe."

Thursday, July 7, 2011

I'm an isotope of tasty cantaloupe, girl-won'tchu be mine?

something wonderful is happening in this world. every moment, molecules work in harmony to no decision or thought of their own. they create a vivid and vast environment that we are all apart of.
 they clash! they split! they fuse!
they embrace. 
and we are apart of it.
the gods are our creators, creations, and creatures!
we are our makers!
 a vast vessel made of tissue and sinew,
 filled with highways for a flourishing community of cells made of happy little fellows.
we all see the big picture, I don't think that's a problem. its hard to say if I can empathize with atoms of adams from eves in a garden of particles. the screens keep gettin bigger, but the pictures not gettin any more clear. what a shame. sham. shoop.


I fucked a mermaid.

this was stencilled from posterboard for my friend, grace. her longing to be a mermaid made me think of how that TOTALLY presents a problem with riding bicicletas... and not to mention the possibility of being a freak! who says merpeeps gotta be pretty?
anyways. I need to find a better material to make stencils on so they'll last longer.... since its my new hobby. I've gone from drawing, sewing, painting, writing, to-well, stencilling now :p

I hate it though, anything that requires imagination is almost impossible for me to take part in. the army is an inescapable blackhole for anything beautiful, brittle, and thoughtful. sonofabitch. I never realized how hard it is to just BE inspired! AHCK!!!

I've made a few stencils, but they all just seem to lack...well... everything. they're just images that i think look cool or are too simple & bland. mebeh somethin'll come. hopefully soon. I've felt stuck for a bit.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

family ties

gramps on the left, cousin in the middle, me on the right.
you know, my cousin might get into a lot of trouble and be thought of as a burden by some of my family, but I think he's one of the most normal and intelligent people I know. lego master. chess champion. computer guru. humble philosopher. convicted felon. it sucks what happens to those that society refuses to accept.

dad tryin to look cool. like always. now you just look dead, nigga. cos you IS dead.

marie. she'd do anything for the crack rock. she mah sistuh from anothuh mistuh. I love her tuh deaf. no matter what's going on she is always there. when bitchez be fuckin with a nigga's feelins n shit, what does she do? hook a brothuh up wif some hoez, THATS WHAT! when my money's all gone and there's no hope? its okay. she doesn't have any either. we just sit on the corner and holler at bitchez. it's saturday night and we've got too many gay dudes around? don't worry, we're goin to pulse. WHERE DUH THESBIANS AT? i love bitchez that love other bitchez! I think I've made my point. I'm an ass, but so is she. <3
ohhhh jurse. jurse purse curse worse nurse hearse verse blahblahblahblah.
actually, its jess. but for a while I made it a habit to make up names for her cos I kept forgetting her real name... WHICH I HAPPEN TO DO TO EVERYONE, thank you. ANYWAYS, jurse seemed to stick, on account for I like the way mad black women talk. but yeah. she's exgirlfriend turned psycho lover turned bestfriend forever turned step sister I had/have sex with-you know, like that one movie. but not really. her enitre family hates me because I stick my pee pee in all their relatives. but its okay. I don't mind. I love her and not even she can make me leave her alone. cos I'm just as psycho as she is. thank jeff!
just look how much she hates me!

but we have a retard love child to look after. hey, gotta have sumfin.

and den durrz momma.

I don't hate her no mo'. she's a nice momma. a good momma.