Monday, November 22, 2010


Sleeping in the cold and nauseating commotion of a perpetual impression.
Sleeping session from a concession of confessions to a relentless tormenting regression.
Uncertainty as a principle of validation.

The ground warps these feet while an aura reverberates from the putrid pus of your teat.
A dry wine for us to drown in.

To the corps, to the souls we maim, and to hearts that we have tamed.
For our own iridescence has withered so.
Shall we tread as equals upon the surface of this hell!
forever knowing each others beauty and woe.

Cataclysms count down as gravity holds your hand.
A maelstrom of clay, gore, and abominations wait for this land.

Lo to those confined AND THOSE THAT ROT ASIDE!
To brethren of fratricide and the mutual rapes we hide.
It is here that we shall consummate this pact.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

canada 'quits' pipeline bomber hunt


kinda interestinnnnnnnnnn'.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Parallax Error

I wake in a haze of hungry lips and cigarette smoke.
The foul air within our molding sepulchre stains the walls of my lungs.
An angel bows over my open tomb,
her marriage to religion stronger than a covalence that law has created.
I feel firm breasts pressed against my ribs-she sighs as violent a reaction;
Avarice precipitates from such an event.
speaking through the venomous fog, I whisper through pursed lips
why are you deploying?
The gates open but vigilant guards give a mute judgment that screams reluctance.
do we have to talk about this right now? Its not something I wanna think about. Lets just enjoy the time we have.
you’re a coward, Kayla.
what the fuck?
She raises above me, her prayers straddle metaphysical and concrete unions-such a duality shall not be tolerated.
You know what, you should just go. I don’t need this shit right now-how could you even say that to me? I’m gonna be stuck in that fucking hellhole for twelve months.
but you’re CHOOSING to, that’s my point! Why the fuck are you going? You don’t love him.
The skies roar as storms entrench. the gates shake as they are braced by the armies of Valhalla.
Will they strike down my naked sin?
Do you know how hard this is? I fucking love you, but what the fuck? How can you expect me to just let my whole life fucking fall apart just for what YOU want? I know, no matter what, your lies will never stop.
I am exiled from the thought of entering her plane. These tears are my crucifixion, for I am always the catalyst of the carnival.
why don’t you trust me? I love you.
no you don’t! you fucking lie and lie and cheat. that’s all you fucking do and I just put up with it. I’m not gonna lose the only thing I have left.
“you know what you fear most. And you know what feeds those loving hands.”
“shut the fuck up. I’m not scared of you anymore-I know you.”
Dumb, I have become. Only for a moment am I in disarray.
“this cant be real. You would never understand that.”
“and you’ll never understand this.”

My eyes open and I’m surprised to see Brittney next to me.
I slide from under her grasp, careful not to wake her.
What is happening to me? What the fuck is going on?
The mirror has no response for me today.
I look down at my hands, grasping desperately to the counter.
My arms are shaking.
walking out of the bathroom, I make my way to the apartment window.
I murmur, “looks like its gonna rain again today.”
My stare does not break from the foliage.
Their bark has turned blue but the leaves are black and matted with blood.
The air is stirred from the music between sheets and skin.
“I love you.”
A smile breaks my concentration; I turn to face a beautiful distraction.
“I see you decided to finally wake up.”
“I had a dream about you, ya know.”
“oh really? What happened?”
“I’ll tell you after you fix me breakfast, dearest.”
Her wit and cunning amuses me acutely.
I leap at the chance to rebel.
As graceful as an earthquake, I land and quickly embrace her cheeks with open palms.
“I’ve missed your sass while you slept.”
“I bet you did-now make me pancakes?”
“only if you’ll let me cover you with aunt jemima”
“that sounds kinky, but I keep imagining you trying to stick me to something…so, no.”
I stand high above her, my feet sinking into the soft mattress.
I offer my hand and she accepts.
“lets go make those pancakes.”
“and by the way,”
I hold those cold hands close and send my thanks through seemingly smooth edges.
“I love you too.”
its truly beyond me.

Friday, November 5, 2010


nas is mah nigga.

all deez po po's be lockin up our brothas, ain't that some shit.

Monday, November 1, 2010


prairies laid around the abyss
warm, gentle slopes rise close to the ledge
leading down to a sun stained canyon, my lips plunge off the edge
crashing down smooth skin, falling upon a plateau
strong yet feminine in nature
a platform to sow our seeds

following the strings of a marionette master
exploring this architectural act, curves continue as peaks reveal
caramel areolas, a carousel
saltation tip to tongue

a bow is given and trails are followed
towards the retreat of an ocean, a paradoxical withdrawal
an exploration within two tastes
expiration has been displaced

bad habit.

a lot of the time, I'll wake up in the middle of the night and grab the closest thing i can write on, just to put my thoughts down. sometimes its reciepts, sometimes its philosophy books that make me go back to sleep. I should probably keep a note pad attached to me, literally. I could tie it to my wrist or something.

someone has propagated themselves in my mind, the bastards. I just wrote down some quick stuff so I could write more...well.... right now, at work. hell, its not like I actually have anything to do. not to get off the subject, but the idea to have such a large active duty military is completely rediculous. it exists, in my opinion, to stimulate growth and eliminate stagnation. after all, most cities that the bases are located in would lose TONS of jobs and consumers without them. like the one I'm at. it creates an illusion of actual growth, in my opinion. people pay taxes... to pay me... to buy things in places no one lives... and to make sure that the united states gains more space to do business at.

ANYWAYS, I haven't really looked into it that much to actually know what the fuck I'm talking about. just a bunch of assumptions, I suppose. hmmm. whatever.

she's fucking driving me crazy.

my ADD is raging right now.

oh yeah, i finished the catcher in the rye a few days ago. it was alright. kinda made me feel like I havent grown out of some "stage" yet. i don't know.
so far I've read anthem, the fountainhead, 1984, animal farm, cat's cradle, and those two stupid james frey books again. I don't know what else to waste my time with. any suggestionsaaaaa?
I feel like I've been playing catch up on my literature, since I dropped out of high school. no regrets, though. stupid mother fuckers get institutionalized and get some kind of idea that they're better than you because they went to fucking school. not everyone's sole ambition is to impress everyone around them. I don't need objects of an establishment to tell me I am intelligent or successful. I shall gauge my own accomplishments based off of my desires, not others'.

no more pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaseeeeeee.
I never have an actual subject. my mind is too jumbled.


people die.
people kill.
people follow.
people love.
people forget.

everything is fine now.