Sunday, January 27, 2013

So apparently I'm going to this.

with modest mouse, of monsters and men, the postal service, and WU TANG?
how could I not?

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Teddy Bear

racism, sexism, homophobia, environmentalism.
its like ingrained in some, this prophetic vision of a future planet/society overpopulated and stagnant. and an overwhelming fear that their "kind" will be replaced.

no more _____, _______-fearing, _______-centered culture, etc. (the blanks are there for any person to fill in. these things are not limited to western civilizations. no need for eurocentrism)
and it might seem silly to put environmentalists in with the hate-mongers, but... they fight for a cause for the fear that something they love and hold dear will disappear.

whether it be their culture, "genetic legacy", social class, religion, physical environment, or an amalgous mess of the group, these individuals-or groups-have a basic drive in common: sustainment/preservation.

only thing that seems left in the U.S. seems to be:
"political correctness", absence of culture and morality,
apathy, hopelessness, poverty, urban sprawl, bums,
pesticides, ADD, cancer, wasteful food crops, cattle, water shortages,
mass murders and suicides,
not one place left to hide.

you all have created a perfect society. congratulations.

I gotta say though, I do believe that the homosexuals are our one true hope. maybe they can stop babies from being born...forever. probably only if theres a war between gay men and gay women in the future.
the men won't give lil spermies to the imperialist lesbians and as the marginalized gay men go on screwing everyone in the ass, literally and figuratively, the lesbians will bomb the shit out of em.
there ends all human life as we know it.

hopefully, the lesbians will be against cloning-or too stupid to figure it out.